Fee Schedule

M.C.P.T. Service Expectations

Every client responds to Play Therapy differently. A short intervention might be suitable for some, while a longer intervention is suitable for others.

Clinical evidence has shown that 8-20 sessions is optimal for gaining a positive outcome with lasting results.

Clientele with NDIS funding will be charged in accordance with the NDIS price guide (see NDIS page on this site for more details)

Child Play Therapy

Filial Therapy

The Filial Therapy sequence requires a commitment of a minimum of 10 sessions. The sequence usually runs for 10-15 sessions, or until therapists and parents feel they are adequately capable in play therapy skills.

Tele-play therapy

Child play therapy and Filial Therapy services can be adapted for the digital space, allowing for support during times when illness or distance may limit the start/continuation of therapy services.

Depending on age and development, the appropriate time allocation for a Tele-play Therapy may vary.