Peg People


Beautiful hand-painted peg people. Gender neutral, culturally inclusive miniatures for your sand tray play.

Pretend play is a highly complex form of play strongly linked to child development, in the realms of problem solving, lateral thinking, narrative and language skills, social skills, emotional regulation and more.


Multi-coloured peg people to brighten up your sand tray or pretend play stories.

These open-ended, gender neutral, culturally inclusive toys will keep your children intrigued for hours.

You will receive 4 peg people in the colour set and skin tone of your choice (* A set of peg people can only be purchased in one skin tone *)

Colour sets include:

  • Bold (blue, orange, purple, green)
  • Pastel (yellow, pink, green, blue)
  • Zones of regulation (blue, red, yellow, green)

Available in:

  • Light pink skin tone
  • Coffee-coloured skin tone
  • Dark brown skin tone


Please note: The peg people are made from natural wood and hand-painted. They have been sanded, but some imperfections may still be present. Best not to use in water beads (not water-proof)



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